Welcome to website. Here you will find our open source free online tools for developers.
Most of our services offer a public API without key or signup.
GitHub Star History

Allows showing star history graph of multiple github repositories.

Count LOC online

Online tool for counting lines of code from github repositories or uploaded zipped folders.

CORS proxy

To bypass same-origin policy related to AJAX requests to third party services allowing access resources from any website.
You can use to prevent mixed content of images and JSON data proxying the resources to serve them under https.


GeoIP Service that retrieves geolocation information from any IPv4, IPv6 or hostname.
Support json, xml and csv

Weather API

CORS enabled API retrieves actual temperature based on your public IP geolocation or from the city passed as a parameter.

HTTP Headers

Inspect the HTTP headers that server returns when requesting a URL.
Follow redirects included.


Notes and snippets about web development (javascript, react, nodejs, express, mongodb, mysql) and debian VPS management for quick reference when memory fails.

Alexa ranking

Check any website position in Alexa Top 1 million Ranking.
Daily Updates.